Hyundai Safety Ratings & SmartSense Technology

Nearly 6 million car crashes occur annually in the U.S., and unless you have the otherworldly eyesight and reaction time of a comic book superhero, there’s no way other than blind luck to avoid every potential accident.

Luckily, with innovative vehicle safety features being released each year, you don’t need superhuman hand-eye coordination to help protect you when you’re behind the wheel. Instead, invest in a safe Hyundai SUV or car fitted with SmartSense technology. Review the following 2019 Hyundai vehicles’ safety scores and available safety systems to nail down which car or crossover is right for you.

Elantra: Safety Ratings & Available Tech

2019 IIHS Top Safety Pick+ in the small 4-door sedan segment, with optional front crash prevention and LED headlights. Received “Good” and “Superior” safety grades in all crash tests and for its standard daytime running headlights.

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Hyundai Models To Come With Solar Charging Roofs After 2019

Big news out of Camp Hyundai! Beginning sometime within the next year, select Hyundai models will potentially be fitted with roof-mounted solar charging systems. Once a logistical nightmare, solar vehicle roofs are now within the realm of possibility thanks to new innovations and technology, and Hyundai Motor Group is heading that charge into the future.

So, how do these Hyundai solar roofs work?

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