What’s the Best Vehicle Infotainment System?

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If you’re a fan of the Hyundai Santa Fe, it will come as no surprise to find out that Car and Driver consistently ranks it among its top picks for a mid-size SUV thanks to its impressive center stack and touchscreen display. But one of the features that put Santa Fe and Hyundai above the competition is its Blue Link infotainment system and mobile-ready app. Here’s why Blue Link beats out most other rival infotainment hubs in the auto industry.

Blue Link Offers Smartphone and Smartwatch Connectivity 

Blue Link ranks as one of the best infotainment systems because of its adaptability. Hyundai allows the user to connect via Android or iPhone, but it goes a step further by providing easy access via Android Wear and Apple Watch.

The apps are user-friendly, and the installation of Android and Apple features is effortless. Hyundai’s made it easy for you to download the Blue Link app from the App Store, Google Play, or iTunes. Thanks to the complimentary trial period, you already have Blue Link service, too. But, rest assured that your Olathe Hyundai dealership will show you the ropes once you buy or lease your Hyundai.

Blue Link vs. Other Infotainment Systems

Hyundai’s Blue Link receives top marks for its touchscreen’s legibility, ease of use, and speed. Its on-screen graphics are clearly defined and the software works well. Blue Link also earns kudos for its reliable navigation system and the ability to easily connect to both Android and Apple. 

Blue Link vs. Honda

One of the infotainment system’s features regularly overlooked by other manufacturers is its ability to offer the driver options without distractions. It is, however, one of the notable features mentioned in Hyundai Blue Link reviews. 

For instance, Blue Link’s system provides the driver the option of a voice-activated command for locating information as well as easy-to-read buttons and dials independent from the touch screen. Those wearing gloves appreciate the touch screen alternative for navigating the system. 

By contrast, Honda’s HondaLink has proven difficult to maneuver on a number of fronts. The first impression is the obvious lack of physical tuning buttons and dials. The manufacturer relies solely on touchscreen access to adjust volume and locate information. And once information is viewable on the screen, it’s challenging to read because of the lack of graphic clarity. The low-resolution imaging creates a distraction for drivers, as does the need to maneuver through multiple screens to complete a single function. 

Blue Link vs. Ford

Likewise, the Ford Sync has proven difficult to use with its slow response times and frequent errors. While Sync 3 is a definite improvement over its last-gen system, it’s not completely smooth sailing in the user-friendliness department.  

Hyundai’s Blue Link allows the system to read emails aloud to the driver, for example. Ford decided that function was too much of a distraction and omitted the option, leaving the alternative of simply reading the email from the phone while driving.  

The ease of Android and Apple cellular connectivity is one of the many benefits of Blue Link. By contrast, upgrading from Sync to Sync 3 requires a visit to the Ford dealership, and is, in fact, only an option for Apple users. Those who prefer Android must connect via a USB cable. 

Several Package Options

Blue Link is available on nearly every Hyundai model. Depending on the Hyundai model and trim level, you’re able to package Blue Link with several exceptional features. The Blue Link Connected Car Service, Connected Care Package, and Remote Package are standard on the Santa Fe trim models SEL through the Limited 2.0T. The Guidance Package is standard on the Limited and Limited 2.0T. Each of these Blue Link packages comes with a complimentary three-year service contract. 

You should speak with a Hyundai dealer near you for more details about Blue Link infotainment packages.

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